The Friken Chat Room

So I have been pulling my hair out trying to install this chatroom for the entire day now, so I am sorry that I only got to one thinspo request. I promise to do at least half of them tomorrow!

Anyway. The chatroom does seem to be up and running, so if you want to use it there are two ways. If you scroll down to the bottom of any post (or page), and you get all the way to the bottom a black bar should appear across your screen at the bottom with an arrow pointing up on the far right hand side. (^) Click on that and my footer should expand, inside there, there should be a live version of the chat. This way you can be reading any of my posts and chatting at the same time!

The other option is to click on the 3 white lines inside of the black bar across the top of your screen. The menu should open and there you can click on Pro Ana Chatroom, which should take you to a single static page of the chatroom.

I am also going to make this page sticky (it will always stick to the top of my home page, maybe after the “Hello” post if I figure out how to move them around) and I will add the chat in at the bottom of this post, no muss no fuss to get to it.

I was also maybe switching to a theme which includes a sidebar for the chat. So if any of you guys think it’s a good time for a face lift, let me know!


Vote Me

Hey guys

If you guys really love my blog. And think I deserve to be on a list of top Pro-Ana websites, please vote for me by clicking the button below!


Every vote counts!

Please help out your ana friend.

Feeling like I’m running for president.


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Hey, if you are reading this you are just like me. Dying to be thin.

I am 18 years old. I am 1.78m tall. I weigh 67kg. My current goal weight is 60kg. I would like to reach this in 20 days. Can I do it?

Only with Ana’s help.

My ultimate goal weight is 50kg. I’ve been there before. I’ve been 47kg , light and strong and beautiful!

Ana will help me be me again.

Follow my blog, meet my friend Ana.



Doing well

So I can’t promise to be the most active at the moment because I’m so super busy! But I’m on week 3 of the shock diet, week 4 tomorrow and I lost 3kg just last week! So going great!

Always here for you guys! Will always respond to comments!

Stay strong, stay thin, stay beautiful!



Morning my fellow Ana’s
I just woke up, 100% empty. I have not touched food in 59 hours. This is the last day of this weeks fast. I say that but I’ve vowed to only eat suppers (to insure I don’t overstep my limit) and thus I’ll be fasting an additional 18hours or so. If not I might consume a single egg, but chances are I won’t, because tomorrow is a very busy day! There will hardly be time to eat. I’ll be leaving for a road trip with my bf, as long as he doesn’t force me to eat, this should be loads of fun! That being said, strangely I’ve never felt less hungry, less cravings and less like this is any effort at all. But I’m waiting for next week because mondays are the absolute worst! Because of all the specials around town and the fact that my mother likes to bring them along. I was meant to have a 500 calorie day Monday, but I’m skipping that day with food all together and then using that 500cals on Wednesday as I’ve been invited for lunch by friends on that public holiday. I physically can’t wait to get onto the scale today! I somehow don’t recall fasting being this simple, but if I think back it’s not the beginning that’s hard, it’s not eating after eating your 500 cals or so that is hard because then the cravings start.
Wish me luck!


So I went to dance class. Besides burning calories and feeling 100% thin! I also had the weirdest aggression, I just want people to leave me alone, don’t touch me, don’t talk to me, don’t try to make contact with me. It got to the point where I just wanted to get home, crawl into bed, fall asleep and never wake up again! I got through the whole of yesterday resisting every temptation and today my stomach it bloated, what a reward! (She says dripping  with sarcasm) Getting up this morning was a struggle, it took everything in me not to roll over and go back to sleep again. But I started my day, empty, beautiful, thin and bloated. I drank a cup of tea and took the stairs instead of the elovator. I have got this. Hopefully I will see results tomorrow.

Fighting my urges #day2

So Far So Good

0 calories, 8 hours of sleep, 1l of water and 2hours of dance ahead. So far So good, just don’t try shove food down my throat *glares at family*. I just got home from college and am so tired and light headed, I forgot how difficult the first 3 days of this diet could be, but I remember the results and that is where my interest lies! Speaking about “lies”, there’s this irritating guy that keeps trying to make plans with me, and I forgot that I had plans with him today, and I just don’t feel like it, I feel like sleep and series and water by the heap! So I’m telling him I’m sick and about to pass out when actually I’m busy sifting through thinspo and trying to find a good template of a fake doctors note, anyone have any ideas as far as that is concerned?

Be thin, Be beautiful!


Pizza F*ing Pizza

Why, why do I screw up the way I do? Why can’t I just sew my mouth shut and never eat again? I screwed up my entire diet yesterday, didn’t eat a single thing till 9pm yesterday! When my mom came in with a greasy box containing a sticky bacony cheeeeezzzzzyyy pizza, and good bye diet! I know today is a new day, and all that blah blah blah! But I screws up, and now I’m starting the schock diet from the word go! I’m done, never letting food touch my lips again!
Stay thin!

The Struggle

It’s been a while, a very long while. I wish to apologize to every loyal follower and every new follower I have disappointed by my lack of posting, this comes to an end NOW!

I will be responding to every comment and uploading every thinspo that I promised before I disappeared.

I and my group of WhatsApp Ana’s will all be starting the shock diet from the beginning today, join us if you dare!;)

It has been a very volatile year for me and your understanding will be greatly appreciated.

Much love and Care

Stay skinny


The Shock Diet Week 3 Day 3

Haven’t eaten anything today but a lax and a fat burner. I have had about half a l of water and I will have my other 2 throughout the day.

My issue is that it is sushi day today, but that is why I fasted the weekend too. So I can have under 400 calories of sushi and still be operating on negative calories because I already did a two hour workout and I have 2-3h of dancing coming up tonight as well!

I hope everything goes to plan and I lose again. I fluctuated this weekend so I have to lose that again but I am close. I should be by my first goal weight by the end of this week. Which would be so amazing!

Anyway, I have to go burn some calories cleaning and getting ready now. Stay skinny, stay perfect, stay in control!


P.S Does anyone have the link to a very hypnotic thinspo video?

I Am So Sorry

OMG Guys, My life has been so hectically busy at the moment! You do not understand… I am also super sorry for not posting. Just so much has been happening I barely have a second to myself.

I guess that’s a good thing. You know the being busy and all. It kind of keeps your mind off eating and on what you’re doing. Going hours and hours without eating just becomes easier and easier. I did eat quite a bit on the weekend though. I was weak. I spent time with my best friend, and we ate. But I didn’t gain much weight and then I dropped that and then some by today, but it just depresses me to think of how far I could have been by now had I not fluctuated.

I did not however exceed my shock diet so I am still well on track and that is probably part of the reason I was full so very fast and didn’t eat as much and therefore didn’t gain as much either. My lax’s are amazing too and my whole weight-loss regime +fat burners seems to be working great!

I might reach goal weight by the weekend!

I didn’t do shock diet updates for the days I missed but I will start doing them again from tomorrow. Sorry for all the inconvenience.

I love all of you guys!


P.S Remember post requests are always welcome, just leave a comment anywhere!